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•ONLY 4 % of the U.S. Federal Funding is solely dedicated to childhood cancer research.
•Worldwide – every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with CANCER.
•1 IN 285 children will be diagnosed with CANCER by age 20.
•In the U.S., more children are lost to CANCER than any other disease.
•Childhood CANCER is difficult to diagnose. In 80% of kids, by the time of diagnosis, CANCER has already spread to different areas of the body.


•In the U.S., the overall CANCER 5-year survival rate for children over 19 is over 84%.
•For children diagnosed with A.L.L. (the most common childhood cancer), the survival rate is over 90%.
•Up to 60% of childhood CANCER patients are part of a research study program, offering access to cutting edge treatment.

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September 8




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The Elephant Princess Pediatric Cancer Foundation was organized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to assist families who are struck with the sudden news of having to deal with childhood cancers. The foundation is dedicated to helping these families by assisting with basic needs (hotel accommodations, parking assistance, meal passes, etc.)  as they navigate through the process of a "new" normal way of life. We will always support research to find cures for pediatric cancers.

“Our primary obstacle in finding a cure for childhood CANCER’s is money. With proper funding, a cure will be found in our lifetime.”           – Dr. Harry Findley



Ava is a beautiful 9 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She currently attends Austin Parkway Elementary School in Missouri City, TX. She is a loving, and extremely genuine person to be around. Her smile is one of a kind and she lights up the room with her kindness. She is always seeking to help others so we only saw it fitting to help her. A child filled with nothing but smiles and happiness deserves the best. Please help with what you can!

Thank you everyone!



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