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Our Story

The foundation honors Ava Elizabeth Gallien who was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in February 2016. Ava has the most beautiful spirit.  She has never met a stranger and oftentimes, leaves a lasting impression with her generosity and kindness.  We are so grateful the Lord chose us to be her parents.  What greater gift is there than the love of a child...

It was very stressful to navigate through this new reality so quickly.  When diagnosed, we spent the better part of the month in the hospital. The difficulties of daily life were hard enough to navigate without having to deal with spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies, and 55 "pokes" (and counting) as Ava calls them.

We had a seven year old newly diagnosed with Leukemia. We also had a seven month old at home. Liz had just returned to work from an unpaid maternity leave and now we had to make the decision for her to take another unpaid leave of absence, despite our monthly expenses. But that's life! 

It became apparent very quickly that we were going to need help and support from our family, friends, community and medical personnel. Fortunately, we had a large support system. And we are so, very grateful! But understand that some don't and we would just like to help make things a little easier for them.

The Elephant Princess Foundation would like to assist the families who are facing childhood cancer by providing them with basic needs such as hotel accommodations, parking tokens, meal vouchers, house cleaning services, etc. Anything that makes their life easier. It is also our goal to always fund research opportunities so that the time will come when childhood cancer diagnoses are no more.

- Liz and Corey Gallien